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PE/PET Bi-component Fiber
  • Our company imports FARE two bi-component production line from Italy, which can produce kinds of bi-component fiber such as PP/PE. PE/PET and so on. The fibers are widely applied for non-woven fabric, hygiene material, spinning, non-glue cotton, spray-bonded cotton, automotive interior, etc. Main specification:1.5D-6Dx38/51mm, white, other norms and color also can be customized.
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    Bi-component fiber

        Bicomponent fiber is comprised of two polymers of different chemical and / or physical properties extruded from the same spinneret with both polymers within the same filament. Generally the type of bicomponent fibers are  sheath / core, side-by-side, sea-island, etc.

    PE/PET Bi-component Fiber 


        Most commercially available bicomponent fiber is ES fiber, aslo called PP/PE composite fiber, which can be used for different non-woven fabric through different heat treatment. Based on different melting degrees of two polymers, the rind will be melt and bonded when heat it, but other part stay in fiber state. This character helps the bicomponent fiber to keep the properties of PP fiber and the higher speed for spinning nonwoven at the same time. Compared to other synthetic fibers, the bicomponent fiber has the advantage in softness ,bulk and binding. Now it is mainly applicated to hygiene material, filling material, filering bags, liner fabric, wool spinning, non-glue cotton and different non-woven fabrics.

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