[The demand of the terminal textile and garment industry has further rebounded]
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Entering late March, the demand for the terminal textile and garment industry has further picked up, and the foreign trade market has also appeared small batch intention orders, and foreign trade demand is still worth looking forward to. The number of new orders or gradually improve, the domestic and foreign sales market gradually improved, the supply and demand pattern ushered in an improvement, will drive the entire textile industry boom rise.

PTA prices stop falling and recover

Crude oil due to the escalation of the situation in Europe and the expected impact of US crude oil inventory or upward breakthrough, as of last Friday, the main contract of the US WTI crude oil futures settled at $81.04 / barrel, and the main contract of Brent crude oil futures settled at $85.34 / barrel. PX price increase further expanded, although the domestic PX supply level is still high in the short term, but the second quarter of installation maintenance plan concentrated, superimposed downstream PTA new capacity investment, PX price focus is expected to warm. Moreover, the planned maintenance of 4.5 million tons of PTA equipment may reduce PTA inventory, and PTA may run in strong oscillations.

Polyester market narrow adjustment

Under the favorable boost of crude oil, the cost side of the polyester market performed well, but the demand side performed poorly. After the Spring Festival, the weaving market started late, and the orders were also lukewarm. Resulting in March polyester filament market supply pressure increased, high inventory, low gross profit, high operating rate under the status quo, polyester factories have to make profit shipping control inventory and support the price of shipping to ensure profit tradeoff.

Nylon filament is purchased on demand

The supply of raw caprolactam is sufficient, the market is weak, the price has fallen sharply, the nylon manufacturers have started to increase the load, the supply of goods is sufficient, the supply and demand factors are double empty, and the price of nylon silk has fallen. With the arrival of the traditional textile season in March, the market atmosphere is better, the market confidence is strong, and the downstream demand is gradually restored, but it is still based on on-demand procurement, and the contradiction of oversupply still exists.

Spandex prices run weak

Spandex raw material end is weak adjustment, PTMEG price is stable, but the pure MDI market atmosphere is light, and the price is slightly reduced by about 500 yuan/ton from the beginning of the month. In March, downstream weaving factories generally said that customer inquiries were positive, and a small number of new foreign trade orders were issued, mainly small batch orders. And with the stock being consumed before the Spring Festival, the intention to increase the demand for replenishment will improve, and the price of spandex will also improve.

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