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Seek new changes, take off through the "east wind"

If the upgrading of equipment is hard power, then R&D innovation is from the upgrading of soft power. Since the beginning of this year, the "new Chinese" fire out of the circle, affected by this, some of the relevant woven fabrics directly "exploded".

A textile enterprise said with emotion, "At present, the national style fashion boom, with this' east wind ', we created a national style yarn jacquard fabric." The fabric wrinkling effect is outstanding, the shape is firm, many advantages make it stand out in a national style fabric, become the current "explosive". At present, the fabric has been widely recognized, selling 210 tons per month, and the order book has been filled until the end of June, which has successfully helped us develop the market."

Another textile company is also starting to develop "new Chinese" fabric, they through a special process, the surface of cotton and hemp fabrics made of plant dyeing style, later through the press crepe and other links, plus the flower of plant elements, so that the fabric presented more texture, has been harvested a lot of women's brand orders.

At the Shanghai Textile Expo in early March, the creative national style fabric of "Shengze Weaving" became the "fragrant cake" that domestic and foreign buyers competed to purchase. In those unique booths, showing the original national style, jacquard craft, silk embroidery, national tide Song brocade and other fabrics, colorful, extraordinary fashion, attracted the attention of many merchants, stop to purchase not a few.

In general, custom woven products are only a small microcosm of differentiated development. In the "big waves" of the present, textile enterprises in the field of segmentation continue to force, constantly introduce new equipment, new technology, market demand-oriented, innovation-driven development, quality to win the market, to further strengthen product research and development, improve the added value of products, in order to brave in the "tide".

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